Thursday, July 14, 2011


There are moments in your life that is built upon anticipation and uncertainty. Like the first day of school, for example when you enter a classroom for the first time and your young mind is filled with thoughts of wonder and trepidation of whether your first teacher and your new classmates will be good to you. Your heart hammers in nervousness until finally you get to your seat and the teacher comes in and calls your name and finally you settle down into a calmer state of being.

Or like the first time you get to the dentist for a tooth extraction. Remember the fear and the hammering beats of your stressed pulse while you wait outside and your mind is filled with images of horror stories about dentists. And your stress level increases when you are called inside, propped in the dentist’s chair and the door closes and a masked man/woman starts to hover around you. 

After that, however, and the dreaded injection, you relax and realize that it was not as frightening as you’ve originally thought.

There are moments like this in one’s life. And I think that life is built upon these moments. Some will ultimately be forgotten as time rolls ever forward (such is the truth about human memories); but the time after when the memories are fresh are something to be savored. For it makes you take stock of your life and it enriches your life oftentimes for the better.

Human relationships are complex things. Friendship, family bonds, love, comradeship are often faces of the same thing that continually change as the seasons come and go. The human connection built on small steps lead to some things far off in the future. It can be friendship (which is often the lasting one); filial (a brother or a sister gained to anchor oneself in the trying times of the world);  mentorship (a teacher-student relationship as guide to navigate life’s many roads); or it can be more and be a partnership between souls. Whatever the endgame might be, it starts with these kinds of moments.

That is the beauty and the surprise factor that life has. It is not a mathematical equation where you can predict the result because sometimes the results you desire may not be the results that are dealt to you. But you give thanks indeed for the moments that are given, for the time that is spent, for the wonder that is created and the smiles shared.

Life is so very unpredictable. Drunks come to close a great day and uncertainties plague one’s mind of self-reproach and questions about one’s self-worth. But those are normal, I think. It is these precarious moments that make people better.

The path of life is neverending, the face of the future is ever shifting. As a person, I am not perfect and the paths ahead may diverge to other directions, leading to places unpredictable. We walk the unseen paths that a Greater Power has made for people. I don’t know where those lead…

Only time can tell.

But I am filled with gratitude for a moment of life so shared. I am not worthy probably to ask for anything more but whatever lies in store or whatever end is there in friendship or maybe something else, thank you…

Domo arigatto gozaimasu!


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