Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bucket List #3

Bucket List #2&#3: Own a tricked out 1600 VW Beetle/Hybrid Pickup

I am not a car buff but my introduction to the VW bug has made me lust for the sleek Beetle. Hehe. It was love at first sight.

As of the time of my writing this, I actually have one being refurbished for me. The only downside: I probably will have to bid goodbye to it as soon as it lands on my hands. I am loathe to be apart from it. I’ll probably leave it with some relatives and hope that they would take care of it until I come back for it when the time comes.

First off, I’ll offset the wheels to extend half a wheel out. Then convert it to a convertible (for cruising mode man.) I’ll probably never get to the point where I can afford a sports car so as consolation to myself, I’ll make my beetle a convertible (it would be much cooler too). It would be painted with a flaming phoenix which surrounds it (a nod to my car designer who’s building it for me). The engine would be turbo charged (maybe modified to become water cooled in the future or maybe not). 

The original drum brakes will be replaced with front disc brakes. The original steering wheel would be replaced with a smaller detachable wheel assembly to thwart those car thieves (Hehe, ala Mr Bean). I am tempted to have it converted to power steering but my builder is recommending that I stick to its old manual steering which would preserve its original state.

The stock seats would be replaced with racing seats and upholstered richly.

Oil shocks for the front wheel assembly and low-pressure gas shocks for the rear wheels.

I’ll probably have to upgrade the distributor to an SVDA distributor to improve the mileage per gallon of the fuel. I don’t know if there are suppliers for this part here in the country so this depends upon its availability. Then maybe add a CDI and an oil filter to the assembly.

The exhaust is being changed to adjust so aside from maintenance, I guess I’ll stick with the modified one.

An upgrade for the carburetor is probably needed later as recommended by VW builders but I wouldn’t opt for a dual carburetor setup since I have no intention of making it a racer.

Hehe. If there would be money, I’d want to convert it to a Baja bug. Now that would be sick and it would beat any modern car.

And did I mention that it would have a kick ass sound system inside, power windows and carbon fiber body works? Hehe. It would be one hell of a ride.

Now, why would I indulge in such a car, you might ask. By the time I get to enjoy it, I’d probably be on my fifties or sixties. So it wouldn’t be a girl magnet. Nope. 

But it will be a substitute of sorts. One of my wives, to enjoy until mortality finally takes its toll. 

We’ll have many adventures running the mountain roads. Together with my telescope and photography kit, my trusty laptop and an easel, we’d have many memories. I hope to have fifteen fruitful years in her company or maybe more. Now, I could probably write it on my will that I be buried in her but that would be unfair to her.

When that time comes, I hope to leave her to another who would love her as I did or maybe love her even more so.

Even now, I have a smile on my face imagining her resting in her corner in the garage, demurely taking a nap while her old man shuffles around arthritic legs dreaming dreams of winding forest roads and blissful adventures among the clouds.

As for the pickup, one must understand that a VW beetle is not really a workhorse. For long distance endurance jobs, one needs the workhorse of cars and that is the pickup. It has enough room to accommodate passengers, has a truck bed for hauling stuff and has the horsepower and suspension to withstand the ruggedness of mountain passes.

 There is just one caveat: I probably won’t be able to afford a pickup truck during my lifetime, much less a hybrid one. But it bears mentioning. After all, a man is allowed his dreams even when they are impossible to achieve. LOL


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