Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bucket List #4

Bucket List #4: Own a digital photography studio kit
If there is anything I consider to be my one indulgent vice, it would be photography. From the time I held my grandpa’s SLR to the moment I touched a DSLR, I know I’ve found one of my life’s vices. There is something quite exotic holding a camera, finding a subject and capturing a moment in time. I probably would remain an amateur and I harbor no illusions of ever becoming a professional. I leave that to others.

In particular, I am interested in nature photography. The natural world offers a more honest face that bears a more candid subject matter. And being a poet at heart, I find my inspiration in the ruggedness of wild nature.

For the camera, I need a body that allows full manual override of any automatic function. After all, one cannot always rely on the automatic settings set by the manufacturer. That is nice for click and shoot persons but if one really wants to be immersed in photography, if one wants to be called a photographer, one must know how to set his own settings. After all, aperture settings, shutter speed, focus add to the variance that makes each photograph unique.

If finances allow it, I’d like to have a complete set of lenses: a 28 mm wide angle lens for landscapes; a 200 mm telephoto lens; a short telephoto 300 mm lens and the lenses in between. Hehe, if only I can afford them later.

A tripod would be necessary as well as some filters.

I have no inclination to make photography as my job. While the allure of being a portrait or wedding photographer has its attraction, when the time comes during which I have the freedom to indulge in taking photos, I wouldn’t want my time to be occupied by such commercial pursuits. I want to be free when the time comes, even if such a freedom has a price.


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