Friday, July 29, 2011

Fat People...

I am a fat man. People would probably tell me that I am just big bodied to be politically correct, but I would differ. I am fat: jolly good fat. And though sometimes, it makes me self conscious, there is no denying the fact that twenty five percent of my body is made of the soft mushy material that I would rather do without.

I am not proud of it. There are points in my life when I was not body heavy, years when I thrived in the healthy weight area. My choice of lifestyle is perhaps to blame. My sedentary choice of living would account for majority of my fatty tissues. Add to that, my healthy appetite and my penchant to avoid manual exertion makes the perfect recipe for oversizing my body. Given the choice I’d want to be smaller but time and time again, my resolve to do so gets swallowed by my lethargic nature.

I should make one thing clear, however. Despite my size, I am quite comfortable with my body. Save for some moments when I wished that my body was a bit more responsive, I am perfectly at ease with the body that I have grown with. Of course, there are moments when I become a bit frustrated. Like when I am trying to catch the attention of one of the opposite gender and I get the feeling that I am being sized up. Or when I am trying on a good pair of pants that just won’t get buttoned up the middle. These are frustrating times which makes me wish for a leaner body. But aside from these, I’m rather ok.

Some people look at fat people with certain distaste. They consider fat people as lacking of determination and decorum: undisciplined people who neglect themselves at the expense of a greater good. They feel that being upsized is an affront to their rigid and ordered lives. After all, if they can maintain a healthy lifestyle, why can’t fat people do the same? Fat people, in their eyes are the representation of the grossest violation of their way of life. For this reason they hate them. Fat people would say that they are just envious and would merrily smile if they are presented with this logic. After all, if you spend your whole life watching what you eat, you tend to miss out on a lot of things. Life is too short to waste away calculating calories.

Fat people are jolly people. The happiest clowns are the fattest of clowns. Thin clowns are comic reliefs, relegated to supporting roles. Fat people are happy because they realize that the many things in life thin people pursue are not worth pursuing at all and thus have less to worry about. Fat people realize early on that there are limitations to life and the best way to approach life in general is to look at the bright side mostly. They don’t mind the dark corners and would tend to ignore them. They know that they are there but they would choose not to dwell upon them, unlike normal people. This is the reason that they are perceived to be jollier. They are optimists; that is the secret. But fat people can be sad too. They can cry and be in pain; and contrary to popular notions, they shiver under the covers when a cold spell comes so when you’re out with both fat and thin people, don’t give your jacket to the thin ones, give ‘em to the one shiverin’ ok.

Fat people don’t rush things. Unlike thin people who are always rushing back and forth between tasks, fat people realize that time is relative. If a thing can be done in a day, why finish it in an hour. The satisfaction of a job is not about how fast it is done, it is in its completion and the leisure by which it is finished. Thin people would probably puzzle over this logic but fat people would just smile and share a wink or two between themselves. They know. After all at the end of the day, a task is still a task.

Fat people don’t grow old. People always tell them that they would never reach the twilight of their years. Statistics may show that fat people tend to die earlier but if you compare the lives of the thin ones and the fat ones, you will realize that those who really grow old are the thin ones. After spending their long lives in huffs and puffs as obedient lackeys of society they spend their retirements huffing and puffing again like busy ants as if there is no tomorrow. And by the time, they realize it, they are haggard spent remnants of themselves, old stick people finally realizing the lost years of their lives. Fat people, in contrast don’t grow old. They spend full lives, exerting themselves only when necessary, enjoying their lives at a leisurely pace. True, they might not live longer, but they live better. They never really grow old, and when the time comes to hit the ground, they are often the ones that go out with a bang.


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