Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Park Bench

©2011 Johnny Domawa
All Rights Reserved

There is laughter all around me
A child’s giggle, his fathers laugh
A play of catch, such precious pictures seen
A family on a picnic, a toddler stumbling in the grass
Illicits a laugh and concerned mothers
In the lake, lovers row in gay company
The benches are filled with the young who gaze
In utter wonderment at life –

A cool breeze blows gently
Wafts the grass in soothing dances
A wildflower flaunts its beauty in the green carpet
Yellow with a hint of orange, its petals glistening
The water murmurs gaily as it laps the stony shore
Shares secrets gleaned from youthful lovers –

An old man ambles silently through the park
His face is flushed with life, his skin bronzed
He watches lovingly at the burst of life he sees
He is in his memories, lost in thought
In his mind, his youth is there, his eyes are moist
He is young again –

A young woman comes up, face aglow
A young adult making her steps in the world
She appraises the grass with bemused looks
Picks up a space and draws a gentle breath
Sits down gently and lets a peaceful sigh
Sets her gaze to the lake and draws a silent song
Deep in memory, an escape in silent prayer
Kicks off her shoes and breaks into a smile –

A bird swoops down in front of me
She falters briefly as she sees me
And then for a moment she decides there is no harm
She hops around, and with its weeny head surveyed her price
I felt its gaze and we locked eyes
And for an instant she holds the gazeand then she flies away
In silence, she spoke not; but I could hear
The words she says
I am left alone again –


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