Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Domingo, Domingo I Excerpt

©2000 Johnny Domawa
All Rights Reserved

(This is the first collection I've made in high school for some friends - somebody, however forgot to return the notebook where the original composition was made so I had to scavenge my old originals to salvage what I could. Currently, I only have a fraction of the original one - some sections are lost forever unless that notebook somehow finds its way back to me. This is just a part of it, unedited and raw from high school)
The sun is shining in the azure blue skies
The clouds ablaze, fairy ships in disguise
I silently walked and breathed a sigh
For the beautiful day made for me to die

I slowly walked towards the pleasant glen
When suddenly a blinding flash, unwanted came
I was blinded and then terrified I found out
The sky once so pleasant now wrapped in black

Blinding flashes of lightning darted to and fro
That in this bleakness, they’re the only light to glow
A fright’ning presence crept across to me
Unwanted, unneeded, terror riding suddenly

I could not see it but I could feel
The hairs of my body soon stood in fear
When suddenly I felt it on my back
Biting cold – yet mystic hot

It soon engulfed my body whole
In paralytic embrace, so hot yet very cold
I tried to move but my body could not obey
It had detached itself, control is thrown away

Piercing pain soon shot across my legs
I clenched my teeth trying to suppress a shout
It soon engulfed me and I could not help
But howl to a punishment beyond the human me

An eerie laugh boomed across the dark
Haunting, a terror far worse than Cerberus’ bark
Hands, stone cold then grasped my arms
Breaking tendons as they pulled me apart

Numbness soon came beginning from my toes
Making them stone stiff, unfeeling their life lost
It crept slowly, gnawing at my thighs
To my middle heedless of my cries

Suddenly a numb cold jolted me in pain
As it slowly climbed to where my heart is lain
My heart tried in vain to keep it at bay
But it crept unstoppable, ruthless in its way

My heart beat fast trying to draw heat to fight
But even though it gave a valiant fight
Sputtering and trying hard to its last beat
It slowly slipped defiantly in death

It was that sudden moment that I woke up again
Perspiring, gasping, yearning for a friendly tap
I curled myself up lying on the grass
As I slowly cried with the sunlight on my back


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