Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prologue to a Collection

©2011 Johnny Domawa
All Rights Reserved

(This is the prologue to a poetry collection I've written five years ago titled: Of Life, Love and Fools. It's actually the continuation of another collection I made in high school of which an excerpt is also found here - it starts on a bit of a tragic note of love failing but the end of the collection deals with a rebirth and a fresh start with life. Unfortunately, I can't post the whole collection here due to copyright concerns - enjoy!)

Life goes round
Destinies change like the seasons…
Love rolls back, sorrows flow steadily…
Onwards. Time ticks on eternally like
Infinity. Faces flutter in the memories like
Ghosts. Images swim in one suspended
Dance. Like dreams they go to
Fly and vanish with each waking
Up. Life goes round –

Victims of life they are
Shadows that wander in the dawn of Day
They listen in silence and they dare not speak
Through they should wish, they go
Wretched are their lives, their pain
Without question, they are commanded
Vile are their works, their hands wallow in filth –
Yet though each heart yearns to break free
The bars that holds them bars
They have no hearts –

What life is made
If made from the wasted rubble of dreams lost
Of hopes crushed from the lashing fury of life itself
When the chasm that holds one back is deep
 When the cries one make echo only to ones ears
What is life? –

The wheels of Fortune glides on
Like a river flowing –
Like the waves forever churning, changing –
Like the eternal winds playing the earth
Life goes on –
Powered by man and his searching desire
Reasoning. Thinking the ever flowing parade
Of Thought. Each moment their breaths
Are wasted. Denied the nurturing care
Love fails –
Fails and…
Life starts anew.


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