Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Novels I Write

I fancy myself as a writer. I’ve started writing novels when I was in second year college because I had a friend who loved a girl and he voiced out his interest on creating something unique for her. The usual story of adolescents. While others might have bought flowers or inserted a love letter on a borrowed notebook or some other cool stuff, I got my ballpen and started scribbling. The result was the first chapter of the Aeglestar Saga which began my love affair with words and stories.

I am however, extremely unfocused at times. There are moments when I am inspired to write and the words just start flowing out and I get to start a particular story. I lose track of time when that happens and end up just writing my ass off. Unfortunately I get distracted easily and more often that not, I just stop writing and what I finish is left on folders on my files, waiting for their time again in the sun. And since I usually am hard up continuing a particular line of thought, I start another story.

So I end up creating a lot of novels with nothing ever finished. Now, however, it would seem that I need to start again and attempt to finish a few. Listed below are some of the novels resting on my hard drive and some of the background of each.

Genre: Scifi/Fantasy: This is my first attempt at a novel. The title was drawn from the name of the Scout Patrol I was a member of in elementary: Patrol Eagle with the letters rearranged a bit. As I’ve said above, this novel was started out of a friends desire to impress a girl. I actually wrote it in jest as a parody and it was never intended to be taken seriously. It is filled with mechanical boars and flying shoes and kings and queens, haha. About a group of five heroes who go about their business saving damsels in distress and winning the hearts of men.

When I got to college, however, I realized how stupid it was so I scrapped most of the original story and reinvented it as a Scifi novel about a group of men still based on the original five heroes in a vast and deadly universe. It became a full-fledged scifi novel. Unfortunately, I also realized that I need to do a lot of research to create a scifi saga and I didn’t have the time to do that so I left it alone for about eight years now. Someday, when I have the time, I’ll resurrect it and I hope that time comes someday.

Genre: Fantasy: Iitaw is an applai term meaning dream. As the name implies, it starts as a dream I once had about waking up in a parallel world that operates on a set of rules that defies what we know. It started as a supposition: What if you wake up alone inside a cave naked and bleeding and then you walk outside and find out that you are in a strange world that defies your logic. Do you imagine you are crazy or will you accept the illogical as truth? What defines reality? Those are the questions asked by the novel.

This novel is one of my favorites and one of the most advanced novel I have. I don’t want to share it actually at this moment because I am particularly possessive of the story and it’s very personal, I mean the story is personal. Not in a realistic way or anything but it is my first serious novel and I am protective of the characters. I am actually hoping that I will get to finish it someday and I hope it is the novel that will start my writing career. Someday I will share it with the world but not on this blog post. Hehe

Genre: Fantasy. This is the real Asaas or Whisper novel. It is another fantasy novel which is relatively new. I started it two and a half years ago from this date. It is also a fantasy novel this time dealing with a character who is wondering about his place in his world. The character is a man who is asking himself about what his life is. It is more or less a novel about a man looking for his purpose in life. Why live? Why die? What is life for? What do I live for? Those kinds of questions.

And it’s also a love story about a man and three women (roll your eyes ladies, haha, that’s every man’s fantasy to be loved by women – plural) but it is not an immoral one, mind you which asks the question about the human need to belong.

Genre: Fantasy: Batawa is the novel that I am planning to finish whose excerpts I will be posting on this blog. It’s a rather ambitious undertaking actually. Batawa is a saga about a mythical world and its history. The Road of Thorns is just one of the novels envisioned under this premise. I think that in a way, Batawa novels are some sort of autobiographical writing that is set on a fantasy setting. So I sometimes I talk in the mouths of the characters.

The Road of Thorns in particular, is my personal favorite. I will not state why because it is rather unusual but a reader would probably get my meaning someday. I started writing The Road of Thorns about a year ago and I haven’t made any headway as yet but I’ve chosen to finish it as the first novel I will attempt to finish. The reasons are diverse, some personal like the fact that I need to prove to myself the ability to finish something I have started, and also to have reason to believe that I have the ability to write.

Genre: Fantasy: Biag is an epic novel. It is a novel about a ruling dynasty of a mythical world whose descendants both created and formed a world. It is envisioned as a series of novels encompassing different characters at different eras of the world’s history. I want it to be a testament to life. I chose the fantasy genre because I can create my own myth in the process and not rely on research which would take valuable time and resources. Biag is my tribute to human life and it’s tribulations. I don’t know if I can even finish it. So far I have the beginning of the Third Age novel, when the world was still broken among many kingdoms and races.


Genre: Adult Dark Fantasy: Bound is a dark fantasy novel set in modern times. It explores the moral quandary of a man who made a pact with a demon in order to find meaning in his life. I know it is kind of unusual about a professed Christian writing something about demons. Be rest assured that it does not glorify demons in any way. It is a parody of human psychology and about a man’s moral choices. It is adult themed which will make people squeamish. And if ever I finish it, I hope that it will make people question themselves and emerge better for it.

Genre: Romance: Conversations in Red is a romantic novel. But let me warn you, I am extremely fatalistic about love.  It’s not a Harlequin novel filled with kisses and romantic stuff. Conversations is about a lost man who is living an empty life without any regard for his future and a salesgirl looking for a dream. Together, these two people who are in the lowest point in their lives find love and redemption.

I started writing this six years ago but after a few chapters, it became too painful to write so I could not find the courage to revisit and continue it. Someday maybe or in the near future, I’ll muster enough strength to write it. It’s not for lack of inspiration that I haven’t finished it but rather, the subject matter cuts too close to the bone if you know my meaning.

Genre: Fantasy: Maskara is an epic story about three Seekers, three strong individuals trying to make their mark in the world and the people around them. I have posted an excerpt somewhere here. Like all novels I write the main character is a sad man, lost in the world. I don’t know if I will be able to finish this one. So far, it is far below my list.

Genre:Fantasy: The Fallen is an epic saga which was once my favorite but lately I haven’t  been able to focus on it. The Fallen is a series of novels built upon a moral question about what matters in life. It explores the depths of human yearnings and depravity; about desire and power; it aims to ask the question about whether man alone can find fulfillment… topics that are often ignored by most of us.


Genre:Memoir. The Life of Liam is an unconventional novel that is recently hatched. One might say that it blurs the difference between fiction and nonfiction. It is unconventional in a sense that it doesn't follow a specific plot or the usual setup of a novel or story for that matter. Instead, it is a series of thoughts manifested by the central character: a fictitious man named Liam. I won't be expounding so much on who he is, I hope only that he remains coherent to the readers who would be able to read him.

There are still other novels that litter my hard drive but these are the most advanced among them. Someday, I hope to get one or a few of them published. I don’t know if I will be able to reach that dream, though. Maybe it will… the future is wide open.


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