Monday, July 11, 2011

The Door...

Copyright 2011 Johnny Domawa
All Rights Reserved

Life is a series of ups and downs
Stairs carved in the faces of hills and valleys
In rugged peaks and rolling plains
In calm meadows and turbulent deserts
Ever changing, ever shifting –

I stand enthralled
In the moment called now
I stand immobile against the blue skies
Questions fly at my mind
From fathomless directions, I cringe
Is it –

The road before me remains unknown
The winds of change blows ever forward
Behind me, the madness of life growls like a starving lion
In the periphery of my vision, Despair beckons
Garbed in the cloth of fear and uncertainty
Loneliness in the guise of solitude –
And here I pause –
Before me lies a door

Is it real? I long to find
To reach out and feel its texture to my touch
But fear stays and numbs my mind
What if it it’s a mere mirage cast by the storms of life
A cruel joke that fate has dealt –
An image from a half remembered dream
A trick of vision from suppressed hopes
An unanswered prayer –

To float – I wish
To close my eyes and open them to see
The truth –
To see it still there before my eyes
To prick myself with a thousand daggers
And it’d still be there –

I tremble with unexplained emotions
My throat is dry and my knees tingle
The Cheshire cat’s grin appears on my face
And for a moment, I can almost feel
The symphony of Aphrodite’s lyre from across the dunes
That warm glow of early sunshine draped
Across a dew-kissed grassland that awakens
To a wonderful new day –

And still a stray thought comes to me
Like a jolt of lightning piercing a summer day
What if this door that stands before me now –
If I reach out and turn the knob
If the cold metal that beckons –
Won’t budge –
If this door is shut from within
If it’s key belongs to someone else –

My mind quakes with questions –
Should I turn away and refrain from trying?
Which is better?
To try and know the cold sensation caused
By a possibility denied and shut?
Or to walk on by –
To always wonder in the long road ahead
What if?

The wind howls as it races on its way
Beyond the door the future lies or not…
The grace of God – in prayer’s unuttered
I stand immobile in this place
Where life is made –
A crossroad found
A door…


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