Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ode to Youth


The wind whistles as it blows gently the leaves of autumn
The bright yellow rays of the explodes in a riotous display
I stand in awe at it’s raw beauty…
Yet for all of their impressive splendor, this I say
None can ever compare to thee.

The flower of youth remains forever
Fleeting in an instant but etched in memories
Ne’er forgotten, ne’er lost in images gone by
Time rolls forever more but this I’ll say
Yours shall never be…

Life moves on, it's pages turn with time
The winter chill shall come, the frost remain
In cold abodes, in front of campfires lit
Thy memory and face shall keep the warmth
Forever lit…

Age will creep and steal the kiss of gods
A flower will wither with the seasons past
Leaves shall fall and the years shall crawl
But none shall ever snuff the flames of thought
Nor thy memories…

‘Shall I compare thee to a summers day
Thou art more lovely and more beautiful’
Shakespeare’s verse is apt for thee
Not e’en the ravages of wear nor tear
Shall ever pull you down…

There will be troubles in the road you pass
The smooth path can go askew
Yet never shall the travails of hardships fall
As you hold steadfast your course and gaze
Troubles all, shall come to pass…

Fear not what tomorrow brings
And fear not the dragon’s fiery breath
So long as you remember the strength you’ve always had
Not serpent nor rabid man shall ever stray
Nor ever hold you back…

The world remains steadfast in its course
The path of ruin goes hand in hand with all the good
Choose your journey well and never fear
For e’en though those obstacles shall come
You shall prevail…

Outward beauty fades in time
Like how autumn draws the color of spring’s great blooms
Yet e’en if that is true, the truth remains
Your heart, your soul, where your true beauty lies
Shall always blossom and endure…

Smile, dear princess and always do
Fill your heart with wonder and laughter
Enjoy your life, fall in love, love and fall out of love
For that is life, its ups and downs
That will make us who we are…

Never be afraid to fail- (but do not expect to fail)
Strive for what you want, follow your dreams
Never let others pull you down (but let them help you up)
The world might quash some of your desires
But some, it gives with open arms

Never fall upon the pitfalls of self-reproach
And never let doubt eat what you know in your heart
‘Fear is the mind killer’ as Fremen say
Stand tall and steel your mind –
The whole wide world is yours.


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