Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Day

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Today is a milestone of sorts. Today marks the last time I delivered a formal lecture to a class in a classroom in my soon to be, former employer. I lingered in the classroom, SC 4 as the last of my students filed out of the room. I watched them go one by one until I was alone.

I wondered if it really is the last time. My resignation has been filed already and my subjects have been delegated to other teachers. It is the point of no return for me. Yet, the sadness I was supposed to feel was missing. It would seem that it is all a dream and I am just a spectator.

I stayed for what was probably thirty minutes in that empty classroom. I watched the empty armchairs and the strewn paper trash and imagined the seven years I spent in this profession. Faces, mostly nameless but all familiar and special to me paraded in my minds eye. I remembered my first class which included some students who were once former classmates just two months before I started teaching. That was a fun memory. I cannot recall how I managed to survive those early years and now, my classmates who are also my students have a good laugh about it when we meet.

I remember my first nursing class. That was back when Nursing was still booming and the laboratories were located at the seventh floor of Perfecto. I remember their laughter and the CounterStrike Boys who invite me out to play (I had to decline even when I am a player before out of respect for that teacher - student thing). They are professionals now and every now and then I meet some of them and they still remember me fondly. Those were good days.

I remember CHE Batch 2003. They will always be special. I shared some of their tribulations and I am proud that I was part of their development. Some cried in their Feasibility Defenses but in the end, we all survived it.

I remember teaching in Math. It was a brief stint. That was back when a teacher can cross teach in other disciplines. I could have been a Math or a Computer Instructor but I eventually chose Chemistry. I had no regrets although in retrospect, given the chance to rate subjects, Math is the best academic load to teach. It's easier on the mental aspect. LOL.

I remember transferring to CNS. That was when SLU got 'Gulobalized' hehe. I remember my old DHs who really made me who I am today. I may have not reached their expectations but I hope I did fine to their eyes.

I remember my Nursing students. I'm not prejudiced but the nursing classes I've handled have been the best students I had the privilege of teaching. I love you all...


This is sad...


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