Saturday, April 16, 2011


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You say that you want to marry.

I would like to ask you why but we both know the answer to that question.

You want kids…

We also know the answer as to why?

You are selfish, you know. Marriage is supposed to be a commitment to something deeper and not supposed to be an end upon itself. You delude yourself into believing that marriage will give you happiness. In itself, it does not. It requires a greater commitment in order for that to happen and even if you deny it, you know it to be true.

And when your husband or you can’t make it work, you pin your desires and dreams to your kids. That’s rather unfair don’t you think, putting that great a weight on the shoulders of the innocent. Children are supposed to be the fruits of love and not the vessel of one’s shortcomings.

Why are you adamant in getting married anyway? Does the world end if you are not? Do you need a ring on your finger to hold your chin high? Do you need a child to vindicate your womanhood?

Unfortunately, we both know the answers to these questions.


A husband is probably out there. Yeah… bat an eyelid at every passing male specimen on the street and someone is bound to bite. If you really are set about this, there is a man to be had. Just sit in corner and tease them a bit… (note: this is not sexist, it’s called irony)

If you’re lucky his parents are already dead; he is allergic to alcohol; has a penchant to go home early; doesn’t snore; and knows when to keep his mouth shut. And yeah, he knows a little bit of laundry sorting and the difference between Mondays and Saturdays (LOL). You just might hit the jackpot.


I’ll let you in a little secret. From a man, you know.

No man is allergic to alcohol. That is just plain ridiculous. Anyone who says that is a real class act and must be dumped at the first opportunity.

There are two reasons a married man goes home early nowadays. First, he has to use the little boy’s room. Second, he left his wallet. There used to be a third reason but it’s hard to remember and it’s no longer plausible.

Who says men snore. Men don’t snore. Even if you record it, it’s not me. It’s someone else. No man snores. Period.

Why do men shut their mouths? I can’t hear you… what? Repeat that again, will you? Hehe…

Women do the laundry. This is the reason men get married, right? End of story.

Frankly, Mondays and Saturdays are days of the week. Should there be a difference?

And by the way, most parents of men are still alive.


So go ahead, get married.


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