Saturday, April 16, 2011

Death or something like it

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We all die someday.

Hehe. (LOL). You should probably stop reading if you are uncomfortable with this.


Its true, though. We all die someday. Whether by natural means or unnatural means, it’s one of the most inevitable things we can look forward to in our lives. We can have ten, twenty, thirty or more years. Or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Maybe even next week.

Confronting our mortality makes us squirm. It is one of the things we’d rather not think about and would rather push away from normal conversations or musings for that matter.

Yet, it is something that we must face. For it allows us to evaluate our lives. It makes us assess where we are, where we’ve been and where we are going. It allows us a certain clarity of vision which we may not want to see otherwise.

After all, life is short. *Snap! Snap! Just like that and five years are gone. Another blink and another five years have gone.

Tomorrow we find our legs failing or our eyes getting dim. We lose our strength just like that. Then we realize that we are old. Just like that.

Most people realize that they have gone through life like a day dreamer. They fail to realize that the most productive years of their lives have been spent in hollow pursuits searching for things that were never there. Regrets fill their waking hours when old age finally claims them and they either become bitter or morose. A tragedy that doesn’t bear repeating.

To confront one’s mortality now compels us to do something about it. What will I be ten years from now, twenty years from now? Where am I?

Hard questions…

Hard answers….

Nobody ever said that life is easy.

It was never easy.



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