Friday, June 3, 2011

To the Girl in Red

©2011 Johnny Domawa
All Rights Reserved

I see you day by day entering your room
Your books clipped under an arm
Your well – manicured fingers clasping your purse with a strength that is definitely yours
Feminine. Saying that this is mine, none could take it
You move in an arrogance that perhaps reflect your social status
Yet its not the arrogance that masks a fear that is normally seen in your circles
Instead, you exude confidence and an overwhelming aura of independence
Others may judge you haughty, a pretty rich brat
But I can see your eyes –
Rich, you may be, but you suffer not their curse
You are soft, you can open your ears and eyes to the plight of those around
You are also strong with an iron will
You wear it like a shield
Hiding your real self in a shell of gross indifference
Your eyes don’t merely appraise an object of its value, you judge from within
Behind a simple answer is a complex question
You exist behind walls, in a chin held high, in raised eyebrows
We are the same, yet again we aren’t the same
We avoid each other’s eyes because we understand each other
Like estranged friends in a world full of strangers
We move in separate circles, yet somehow they meet
Ours is not called love –
It is called understanding


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