Friday, June 3, 2011


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I’m jobless. Six days and counting. Aside from the short two month break after college, this is the longest time in my professional career that I am without a job. And it hasn’t sunk in yet. Maybe it’s just too short or maybe there is nothing to it, I don’t know. The fact remains: I am unemployed.

I still have residual responsibilities from my old job. Piles of papers and the last grades I’ll probably get to compute remain to be tackled but they are remnants I simply chose to prolong. In the next three days, they would likewise be finished and once I return them for formalities sake, I will be left with only the memories… and the computer files of course.

It is a sad parting to say the least. I might have envisioned leaving with a bang but I’ll settle for a silent exit. It is better this way.

In just around thirty days, I’ll tackle a new world with its own set of unique challenges. While the career that I leave behind will probably serve as my launching pad for the next stage of my life, it would be mostly arbitrary. I have to reboot my life again: start from scratch and follow a new path.

This path maybe the best thing that would happen to me or a course I’ll regret later on in my years. At this moment, I am only left with its blank slate. In time, perhaps, I can answer the question that I pose to myself now.

We all move forward. A local saying may say that no one can reach his destination without looking at his past… which is true… but our direction is always forward. This is me going forward. This is me living a life. This is my fate.

I wish I could impart wisdom. I am still a child, however, in the ways of the world and I highly doubt that I am a sage. There is nothing that I can say which you do not know and whatever wisdom I learned is better left to experience. My path will always be different from the path you take. The only advice I can say is that whatever happens in life, you must remain true to yourself. It is a hard advice which I myself am liable to not follow but it is the best advice I can give and if this is classified as wisdom, then in a small way, I am probably wise.

Life is a series of events where one is answering curtain calls most of the time. There are many stages in it, each with its own uniqueness. Bonds are continually broken and reforged as time passes by. This is reality and this is one of the truths of life.

Which leaves me once more with the fact that I am jobless. Tomorrow will be the seventh day.

And there is an emptiness in me that grapples with the excitement of a new tomorrow.


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