Friday, June 3, 2011


©2010 Johnny Domawa 
All Rights Reserved

The wind sings as it blows over the treetops
Of memories shared and Dreams of Time
Of moments spent in idle happiness –
Of life’s tender cares and simple turns combined
Of surprise and sorrow – and pain
Roads are traveled by, some forced, chosen
Some smooth, so smooth the memories are lost
As fleeting as the ride, they’ve gone
Only shreds of them remain yet they too go
Forgotten, buried in the folds of Thought

Other roads were rough, potholes mar their face
The many jolts, the spills, the sudden stops –
Are still vivid though most are better gone
Erased from memory, should be –
They remain and haunt us in unguarded moments
Till time shall heal the wounds and salve the pain
Yet leave the scars –

The roads traveled by are not the same to all
Others are short, some long, sad and painful
Others are filled with fun, with tears of love and hate
Yet others still are not remembered, lost forever
Gone, snatched from the claws of memory and life

Crossroads come and the path traveled now
Shall diverge to choices, of other roads and dreams
Pathways that will lead you to your fate
To what you want yourself to be, or –
Yet no matter what road you choose to take
For now, for later and for others yet to come
Choose well and follow the pathway of your Heart

Life goes on, in journeys chosen, of paths and trials
Roads –
The many forks of life –


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