Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chasing Dragons

A Twitter Poem  (follow me!/@elstupe)

I stand...
Immobile against the cold morning -
My heart hammers in dull thuds
For a moment, I wonder, standing here

The soft and gentle breeze
Carries whispers of comfort...
I shake my head
Like a dark cloud that blots out a perfect sky...
I feel it -

A blossoming feeling whose cold tendrils slowly but surely...
Creep up to strangle -
All notions of a life imagined
The fragments -
Slip away from me...
I could not raise my eyes to follow their passing

There is only the cold embrace of sadness...
Of dull persistence...

With heavy steps born of despair, I turn away -
Ahead lies the long and dreary road of thorns -
I am alone...
Haha (without the last ha)
I am chasing dragons yet again


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