Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Similarities... (30 Posts...)

            In what ways are we similar?

            That’s a question that’s hard to answer.

            We both are Christians. That, I think is the most important similarity that we share. For whatever things that may transpire down the road, our steadfast faith in God will be there to weather us through it all. Through our desire and trust in the Lord, we will always have the strength to overcome anything the life throws our way.

            We carry the scars borne of our fathers – psychological wounds that have defined us and molded us to who we are today. We say that we have moved on, and maybe we have, but the truth remains… our father’s shadows haunt us.

            We love to laugh… laugh together… laugh at each other’s expense… laugh for no reason… without reservations… I can make fun of her and her, me… with some feigned hurt jovially exchanged. We don’t have to keep ourselves in check whenever we chuckle at each other’s expense or express amusement in unbridled fashion.  A sign of a healthy relationship which we hold proudly.

            We love and appreciate beauty – but lest some of you imagine it to be the superficial kind, it’s not. We love bearing witness to the budding blossoms of her orchids by the window, the soft play of sunsets through the half open blinds… or the lazy gurgling of a crystal clear stream as we walk down well beaten paths to catch a glimpse of the river… She dabbles in craft with the kids and I play the role of a word smith… We love paintings and photographs… lovely, beautiful things that make the soul hum in rapture.

            We are both the eldest kids. So I guess that says a lot of things. We understand each other better in some ways. We know how to adapt and to have tons of patience in our dealings. We know when to assert ourselves and when to back off. We come with the maturity of having contended with younger siblings, giving us a greater understanding of who we are… and more.

            We also did live a good deal of our lives alone, she more than me. It made us more independent and stronger. We are not naïve souls at the mercy of the world. Through the years we forged through our lives alone, we gained precious insight on how to deal with what it throws our way… It has also made us loners – solitary souls that yearned for someone to save them – which made our finding each other all the more wonderful and utterly amazing…

            We love books – not romance pocket books – but books. We devour books with reckless abandon. I thank God every day that we both share that passion. We might not share the same taste in books, but the shared love of literature and the openness to expand the mind is a marvelous thing to behold that will help forge the bonds of love that will get stronger with time.

            We love movies (although she has this annoying habit of sleeping in my lap halfway through ninety percent of the movies we watch during movie nights). We laugh through bad comedies and romance flicks. And we both love Sci Fi and Fantasy films (although she doesn’t have the patience to watch speculative, noir and arthouse flicks – and I abhor the horror and slasher movies that she adores). We are cinephiles and except for that sleeping habit of hers (she says my lap is comfy, that’s why she sleeps), I couldn’t ask for more.

            We have more similarities: traits and tastes, convictions and principles that reintroduce us to each other as we share the days of our lives together. It continues to amaze me how each moment that we create reveals our souls to each other – strengthening the bond we both know – putting us deeper and deeper in love…


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