Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Thanks...

‘It’s done…’

It was spoken with a finality that was heavily punctuated by a sigh. I looked at her with a wry smile, empathizing with what she felt. Whoever said that weddings are a breeze should be dunked in hot oil and hung upside down in spider webbing. …and forced to listen to Justin Beiber songs…

But I digress.

Our apartment is still a mess. Glass centerpieces, tulle rolled haphazardly across the floor, half open garbage bags filled with more tulle, crumpled paper decors and wedding knick knacks remain untouched, stark reminders of a day that seemed to pass by like a dream…

Except of course, the harsh realities of bills and other stuff tug in the periphery of that dream. Unreturned cook wares that needs returning. Calls that need to be answered, gifts still unopened, and thank you letters that remain unwritten…

‘It’s done…’

Two words that sum it all up, I guess…

But thanks need to be said. In the end it’s all that matters… it’s for the small and great kindnesses that were freely given.


Thank you!

Domo Arigatto!


To all the souls who labored thru the night and early morning to cook the food. Aunties, Manangs, Manongs and friends who gave us their time and sleep to make sure that there will be food served.

To all the people who labored thru the night to set up the décor and wash the dishes, my thanks to all of you!

To our main sponsors who labored through the sweltering heat to join us in our special days, our gratitude goes to you!

To our secondary sponsors, grooms men, bridesmaids, ushers, flower girls, junior secondary sponsors who had to know at the exact moment of the wedding their roles, our heartfelt thanks for your understanding.

For our photographers, videographers, friends, family and all of you who came to share our day, many thanks!

For Pastora Marina for her patience; Lolo John for his sage wisdom and the other pastors who helped us thru the day… may God fill you with more wisdom!

For auntie Nelly for opening her house to us; for Joan for all her labor; for Abby; Auntie Vivian and the kitchen staff; Vera and Mel for all their support and advices; and to all others whose names you know, Domo Arigatto! God Bless you all!

I cannot name all the people who made our day special. I will leave that to God! I pray that for all your help, He will bless you more!!!



Maraming, maraming salamat po!


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