Monday, October 17, 2011

About Men and Salary Inequality

I'm gonna quote this word for word from a man's comment on a post of a dear friend about the inequality found in the workplace between men and women:

"A men is a born a hunter, his genetic mind is programmed to feed his clan, his family, he must bring the prey to home.

Nowadays, when a men earns less than his women, 
he loose confidence on himself, 
then he might develop a self destructive behavior, 
because he feel not deserving a family.

This ends up to cause a lot of couple destruction's worldwide.
This ideology so called "egalitarianism" on Job and Money, causes many families to desecration.

No money No honey. This is "logic" and "acceptable" according our "modern" values.

I do assume it, and accept it totally, and i ll stick with it, 
even tough i suffer great loss."

I pressed the like button. In a politically correct world, an ideal world... it is flawed logic. But we don't live in an ideal world or a politically correct world. I won't say that it is proper or that it is right (because in a certain way, it is flawed) but as imperfect men, this is our reality and expresses our own limitations.

Much like a feminist fighting for equal rights will still demand that men give up their seats for them on a crowded train, we also have our pride. Don't blame us if we want to be the 'man' because at the end of the day, that's the only thing we have.

The love of our children goes to the mom. Our sons will hate us, our bosses will shout at us and our favourite teams will lose to the competition. We will see beautiful women go to rich, pampered playboys and we will see our belly's swell up and our wives cry at soap operas and Brad Pitt.

So yeah, we want to be men who bring home the bacon. At the end of the day, it's all we have - to say that we worked our ass off for our families.

It is a flawed reasoning... I know. We, men ain't perfect.

 I'll probably draw a lot of slack from women but someone has to bear the brunt of it, hehe. Peace!!

This is what your men want to say, but can't and since no one can still kick me out of the house to sleep in the cold streets yet... I'll suffer it, haha

Men, friends, if you empathize with this and are ok sleeping out tonight, share it. If not, it is understandable, LOL

The biggest source of pride of men, the true symbol of his manhood is not his face or his ability to make women attracted to him - it has and will always be his ability to provide for his family.

If you take it away from him, in his eyes, he is nothing even when he says that he is ok with it. This is why some husbands drink, why they gamble and why they become distant to their wives and family, why good men turn bad.

It is stupid, we all know but this is man's reality. So if your family suffers from these, maybe this is the reason even when it is denied point blank.

The cure...

...unfortunately, there is none and that's the tragedy…

You can blame them for being weak (which will make it worse-because they are already down and you are trampling their manhood again...)

You can quit your high position (which is worse because they will blame themselves for it...)

You can stay silent (which is also bad because they feel insecure)


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