Monday, June 14, 2010


His name is irrelevant. Names tend to clutter around and writing it or not would make no difference. Suffice to say that he is a normal kind of guy, average in intelligence with spurts of genius during certain times. He is one of the ‘others’: I mean those persons that we meet along the hallway when we go to our classes, the ones that are ahead of the line when we are paying our dues during rush hours, the ones whose voices sometimes intrude into our musings when we least expect it. He is one of the jerks who tend to do their talking with friends in the middle of the Otto Hahn stairs during the changing of classes or those that push themselves at the doorway during your class dismissal just to grab a chair without even giving a damn whether or not your class has gone out (even when your teacher is still inside). To make it short, he is one of the multitudes of faces that comprise the background of your so – called life. He’s got his own thing and you don’t give a damn about it. Unless a miracle happens, he will fade away into the expanding breadth of your memory, faceless and unknown (as you will, for him).

He is a regular student, with a few slip – ups along the way (in simple words, may bagsak). He enjoys activities which we may consider senseless or ‘baduy’ like watching Dragonball X or hanging out for two hours with similar minded persons at the bleachers talking about nonsense (in the same manners that others will judge whatever we do as senseless or ‘baduy’). His life is a kaleidoscope of colors: rushing of papers during deadlines, cramming before the exams, the occasional side-glance during quizzes, and the blank stares during exams … the list goes on.

Life for him is an every man for himself thing. As long as he is not directly affected by something, he would not suffer to give a damn about it. The tuition fee ‘thing’ is not for him. He leaves that to those ‘people’ who seem to have their minds twisted by their overblown idealisms. They are more of talk and he feels that nothing will ever come out of it anyway, considering the odds. He is more interested when the University is going to declare ‘No Classes Today’ than a student consultation about policies. He wouldn’t care if the laboratory equipment he will be using will be sputtering in obsolescence as long as he gets a passing grade. The chairs and other university properties pose no special merit. He reasons that since he is paying, it wouldn’t matter if he is going to write or carve on the tablet. Wastes are thrown anywhere to give janitors a job. The president has a problem. Who cares? If he goes or not, nothing will change for him anyway. Unless of course, the day will be declared as no classes or free sodas will be distributed which will make the issue entirely different… at least in some ways.

He doesn’t care. Why? It is not because he is emotionally cold or something psychology – ish. The simple reason for his indifference is more on his desire not to involve himself in things that may prove detrimental to his otherwise ‘wonderful’ life. If ‘others’ don’t give a thought about something, who is he to give it anything. Like a slender bamboo bending to the wiles of the wind, he keeps a stand-back, wait and wait attitude.

Life for him is a struggle of personal survival… a quest for being in a crazy world made by others just like him.

And that he is… (as he might as well be a she)


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