Post Requests

Due to certain requests, I’ll try to be posting some specific topics in this blog for the immediate future. 

Any more requests with regards to topics you want me to write, please drop me an email at or give me a tweet at the twitter account: @elstupe . Thanks a bunch.

Some requests however cannot be answered due to the rather sensitive nature of the topics you’ve asked but as to most, I’m more than happy to oblige.

As of July 2011, the following are the topics requested which I will be addressing.

·         Canadian Immigration – I’ll be focusing on some of the technical aspects of Canadian immigration. Please note however, that what I’ll be posting are mostly general information. Details and specifics must be taken from more qualified sources of Information.

·         Men and pre-midlife crisis – in other words, the concerns of thirtyish Pinoy men. Now I am no expert with respect to all the issues but I will try to do my best. But I must warn you that I will be brutally honest so if I say something insensitive but true, you asked for it.

·         Relationship Advice (???!!!?) – well, I’ll give you one piece of advice right off the bat: ‘ You don’t ask a single bachelor advice about relationships particularly one who never had a girlfriend’ and on another particular note ‘Most or all (?) of those who asked love letters from me to send to their girlfriends end up never getting married to their love at all and that’s true you know. I’m jinxed when it comes to love.’

·         A Novel (?) – I’ll try to oblige.

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