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This is a tricky portion. I am not a huge fan of tooting my own horn and neither am I too fond of divulging personal information but I guess that when there is a conversation to be had it is proper etiquette to provide an introduction of oneself. And right now, we are having a conversation. It might not be face to face but since you read some of my thoughts presented on paper, it qualifies as such doesn’t it?

So where to start?

I am male, that much is obvious. I am of Asian descent and I am a member of a tribal minority (Applai tribe) who daily touch the earth and sky. I was born and raised in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio and I've spent almost twenty or so years there. There might be some other racial genes that run in my blood as is common to my people but that is irrelevant as the object of race should be irrelevant. What matters is that I am a person just like you are, with my own unique quirks which make me to who I am today.

English is my second language: bound books and the library have always been friends to me as far back as I can remember. I also like to write, that much is apparent again, I guess and I hope that someday I’ll get to publish a novel or a book. I write mostly essays, poetry, short stories and fantasy novels: some of which will be posted here for your reading pleasure.

I am on the heavy side which I am planning to address within the first half of this decade. I wear my hair cropped short to a near shave since it honestly covers a receding hairline and it makes for easier maintenance. You will never call me handsome (but some call me a teddy bear for some reason) and I am not that physically attractive and I know it (haha, so no need to remind me). I like to sport a beard since the lack of one makes me feel strangely vulnerable.

I just entered my thirties (2011) so that makes me a full blown adult and not a young buck anymore. It makes me closer to the midpoint of life and sooner or later midlife crisis; should there be one, will come knocking on the door.

I am a geek too. Not your childlike geek running to comic bookstores with a backpack or camping out to get that newest XBOX/PSP title. And neither am I a groupie that sticks to a particular obsession like Trekkies and the like. I love tech, am fairly good with computers, enjoy anime and Japanese culture (but not obsessively). I do photography and dig art. But I also love fashion and I know that beyond the four walls of a house, there is a larger world out there. And I do collect toys (which some of you might find funny…)

I have no favorite singers, at least none which comes to the forefront of the playlist I keep in my ipod. I like country and slow rock for all occasions; instrumental and classical for those meditative moments; heavy metal and alternative at times; and jpop (which currently tops my playlist). The only music I have little liking to would be reggae and rap and teeny bopper pop and overtly suggestive pop and dance music. 

I like to be alone most of the time and I work best in a solitary environment. But I love great conversations and I never shy away from social interactions. I always listen should someone want an ear and I’ll be there when someone needs me. I won’t be a killjoy in a party but I wouldn’t also lead the charge. I’m no wallflower. But I do prefer solitude most of the time.

I love nature. I have lived in urban areas for most of my life and although I adjust fairly well, I am more attuned to the simplicity of the natural world and rural areas. I like to touch the earth and smell the fresh scent of bark and grass in the morning. I like to wiggle my toes in dirt and revel in the simple beauty of a forest spring. Someday, I shall enjoy the twilight of my years in such an environment unless frail health or an accident prevents me from doing so.

I like photography. It is probably my one vice where I am willing to spend lots of money in. I am not a professional photographer though; that would be swell if it came to that. I also try not to do fashion or portraits. People are complicated subjects who often are not true to themselves in front of a camera. I am more into still life and nature photography.

I am a bachelor and I hope to remain a bachelor for the rest of my life. It is a matter of a lifestyle choice, I think. I can never be that ideal husband to someone so I cannot risk compromising someone else’s happiness by committing into something I know I am not going to be good at. But that door is never closed. The possibility of marriage in the future will always be there.

I have been a chemistry professor who was liked, I think by my students. And now, I have decided for a new career path in a different part of the world to realize who I am and to try and answer the big question about life.

I guess that’s me in general. 

And it is my pleasure to meet you.

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