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This blog was conceived way back 2009 but I really never had the time to improve on it, that's why if you notice, the first post dates way back to that time. It's only after a career change and a change of address did I find the time to polish and post here.

This is my literary platform of sorts as well as my way of expressing myself as the years roll by. It is not much but I do hope that in time it can become something of a hangout for you guys. Please feel free to give me feedback to help me improve on it.

Life is short. We don't realize its brevity when we are still young kids and even when we leave our carefree and awesome teenage years to tackle our lives in our twenties. Only when we finally reach that plateau of our thirties when we mature enough to reflect on the journey that transpired do we realize that life in general really is no more than a blink of an eye between two eternities. Sooner or later, we wake up and find out that we have reached the twilight of our days. The tragedy is in finding out we missed out on it.

I dream of being a writer, which is improbable. In the old country, one needs to be a romance writer for 'lonely hearts' in order to have a shot or somehow have a connection with the few publishing companies that are based in Imperial Manila. Now that I've uprooted myself from the old haunts, this dream is still improbable. For one, I have yet to finish a novel, or a short story anthology and even though I might have here a stack of poetry, poetry publications are a harder market to penetrate than prose so maybe someday when the circumstances allow it, I might get something finished and published. Haha. I will definitely work on something. It is my dream after all: whether it becomes successful or not, I will take pride in the fact that I strive for it. I have no desire to regret myself for not trying and pine away when I no longer have the strength to do so. And while on topic, I also encourage you to pursue your dreams. Our pursuit of our dreams is what life is all about (and of course serving Him)

Anyway this blog contains a variety of topics. Some might be offensive to some readers and others are mundane boring topics. There will be grammatical errors since most will be first versions. Feel free to lambast my contextual or grammatical errors or to parry or argue any of my points. This is your blog as mine and as readers, you are my most valued consumers.

Roughly, the topics include

  • Discussions of life
  • Economics (as we age, this becomes a hot topic)
  • Love (no avoiding it as much as we'd like to)
  • Poetry (all original with some from my fave poets)
  • Novel extracts (some snippets from the novels I am currently working on, which is a lot)
  • Short stories
  • Technical blogs (I'm a small gadget connoisseur and a novice handyman)
  • Otaku blogs (Yup, I'm an otaku, not the extreme kind though, hehe)
  • Art blogs (might try painting someday)
  • Photography (This is my one splurge in life, still learning so I invite you to learn with me)
  • Questions (you ask, I answer)
Post any of my blog topics anywhere, thru twitter or FB or any social media. I was once apprehensive of others posting my work but I've realized that this is how it should be. Even if there is but one soul that reads them, that is a reward in itself. Just acknowledge me, hahaha. And of course, never plagiarize or publish in any commercial site or publication without my consent. Intellectual rights, man, let's respect that.

Should you wish to give a rebuttal to any of the topics or to post your piece, by all means contact me thru email: jdomawa@gmail.com. Any mail/contributions/comments are welcome.

I have promised myself to really write starting now when I have reached that 30 plateau. I owe this to myself, foremost of all and to everyone. So I invite you to join me, either as a casual reader or a subscriber.

Someday, looking back you will make a solitary old man happy....

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